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Report 22

Accounting for Investments – Volume 2

Accounting for Investments – Volume 2  Preface to Volume 2 Accounting for Investments – Fixed Income Securities & Interest Rate Derivatives is the second volume of the Accounting for Investments series. This volume covers the financial instruments of fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives viz. interest rate swaps, caps, floors, collars, reverse collars and cross currency swaps. As in the first volume, this book provides an exhaustive treatment of accounting, presentation and disclosure aspects of any entity dealing with such financial instruments. Since the break out of a severe financial crisis starting in the year 2008 that virtually crippled the…

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Compliance 3

Accounting for Investments – Volume 1

A financial asset shall be measured at FVOCI if both of the following conditions are met: (a) the financial asset is held within a business model whose objective is achieved by both collecting contractual cash flows and selling financial assets, and (b) the contractual terms of the financial asset give rise on specified dates to cash flows that are solely payments of principal and interest on the principal amount outstanding.
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Financial Instruments Book Series as per Ind AS 109 (indas109)

Financial Instruments Book Series as per Ind AS 109 (indas109) Preface to the Book Financial instruments are probably the most complex topic in the entire literature of accounting standards. Accounting for financial instruments in the Indian context was earlier covered by AS 30, AS 31, and AS 32 issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) in the year 2007/2008. These standards were supposed to become mandatory from April 1, 2011, but did not see the light of the day as these were withdrawn by ICAI, mainly due to the fact that the corresponding accounting standards of International…

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Message from Shri Yagnesh Mohanlal Desai

Message from Shri Yagnesh Mohanlal Desai I have gone through the manuscript of Book – 1 viz., ‘Financial Instruments – An Introduction as per Ind AS 109’ in the series ‘Financial Instruments as per Ind AS’. CA R Venkata Subramani (Venkat), has rich and varied experience spanning across the entire gamut of Financial Instruments. He has helped implementation of IFRS / Ind AS especially hedge accounting for several international banks in Europe/APAC region. He is also known for his expertise in computing Expected Credit Loss (ECL) for non-banking financial companies. His hands-on experience has helped him understand the nuances of…

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Introduction by Shri M P Vijayakumar

Introduction by Shri M P Vijayakumar Almost all business transactions culminate in financial instruments in some form. In the present era of money, money and money, we witness an increasing trend of businesses being done through contractual arrangements which are structured to such an extent that after some time the contracting parties themselves struggle to understand the arrangement – intent vs agreement, substance vs form. Further, with commerce becoming global and developments in any part of the globe affecting us, the movement of financial instruments is the first indicator of direction of impact. The derivatives market is growing, has matured to…

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Foreword by Shri T N Manoharan

Foreword by Shri T N Manoharan Mr R. Venkata Subramani, known for his expertise in the field of Financial Instruments accounting, has come up with a new series of books on Financial Instruments as per Ind AS, incorporating all the relevant aspects of accounting for financial instruments. Each book in the series lucidly deals with the various dimensions of presentation, classification, recognition, measurement and derecognition of Financial instruments. The introductory book deals with the nuances of financial instruments which would empower any reader with a conceptual understanding of the subject matter to pursue the study of other books in the series.…

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Message / Review from CA P. R. Ramesh

Message / Review from CA P. R. Ramesh Financial Instruments is by far the most complex and difficult subject in the field of accounting. The varied nature of such instruments with a wide range of derivatives and associated risk makes the task of measuring and reporting extremely challenging even for experts in the subject. A number of books have been written on IFRS and more recently on Ind AS but very few books have dwelt at length on the subject of financial instruments. This book by CA R. Venkata Subramani demystifies the subject of accounting for Financial Instruments and is extremely…

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