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Lease Accounting Software

Lease Accounting as per Ind AS 116 is mandatory effective date 1st April 2019 replacing the earlier Ind AS 17. Leases should be recognized in the balance sheet as a ‘right-to-use’ asset and a ‘lease liability’
Lease Accounting Software

Expected Credit Loss - Loans

Ind AS 109 mandates computation of ECL for loans. The Standard does not specify any particular method / model. The method should consider several factors apart from the forward looking macro economic data.
ECL for Loans Portfolio

Expected Credit Loss - Receivables

Ind AS 109 mandates computation of ECL for receivables portfolio. Simplified approach for receivables is followed for recognising lifetime expected credit loss It is required to determine the groupings of receivables.
ECL for Trade Receivables

Fair Value of Loan Portfolio

A financial asset is measured at FVOCI if the financial asset is held within a business model whose objective is achieved by both collecting contractual cash flows and selling financial assets provided it meets SPPI test
Fair Value of Loans

ICAAP Compliance Process

Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process, is a risk management framework used by financial institutions to determine the amount of capital they need to hold to cover their risks adequately.
ICAAP Compliance

Hedge Accounting

Hedge Accounting is not mandatory, but it is in the best interest of the entity that following hedge accounting would greatly reduce the unintended consequences of profit and loss fluctuations on account of hedging instruments.
Cash Flow / Fair Value Hedge

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