Fair Value of Loan Portfolio

Sometimes an entity is required to fair value the loan portfolio. This happens if the sale of loan happens frequently or if a significant portion of the portoflio is sold.

Become compliant with the requirements of Ind AS 109 / IFRS 9 using the cloud-based software tool used by several corporate entities

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Why choose RVSBELL Analytics to compute Fair Value of Loans?

1. Right-of-Use and Lease Liability computation on the fly
2. View Lease details in one location
3. Computation of imputed interest on interest free Lease deposits
4. Amortization table displayed
5. Ability to see workings for every lease or per asset class or for the entity as a whole

1. Journal entries at lease level;  2. Trial balance any given date; 3. General Ledger for any range of dates end for range of lease assets

Modification & Termination:
1. Modification with the scope increase or decrease
2. termination before lease maturity period
3. Multiple modifications are possible
4. computation of profit and loss impact on modification or termination

1. Right-of-Use ,  2. Lease liability, 3. Liability breakup and 4. Dashboard giving details

1. Processing on the flight- very fast
2. Back-end processing with the load balancing features
3. Downloads provided in excel format

Fair Value of Loan Portfolio software is hosted on the world's most trusted cloud-computing service provider

Save time, money, and headaches with our cloud based software tool that needs just a web browser to compute the results

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Criteria for classification as FVOCI

A financial asset is classified as FVTOCI if it meets two criteria:

 The asset is held within a business model whose objective is achieved both by collecting contractual cash flows and by selling financial assets.

The contractual terms of the financial asset give rise, on specified dates, to cash flows that are solely payments of principal and interest on the principal amount outstanding.

FVOCI loan portfolio 

Financial assets that are classified as FVOCI are measured at fair value, with any changes in that fair value (i.e., gains or losses) being recognized in other comprehensive income (OCI) instead of the profit or loss for the period.

The exception is interest income, foreign exchange revaluation, and impairment losses, which are recognized in profit or loss.

Upload the data using simple input formats

The data is uploaded into the software using just a web browser. The loan data along with the category of the loan, the interest rates for various tenors, the credit spread of the entity are provided in simple input formats.

The Probability of Default, Loss Given Default are also provided for each category of the loan. 

Detailed computation based on cash flows of each loan

Based on the inputs provided. the sytem computes the cash flows for each and every loan and such cash flows are present valued based on the input data provided. The fair value of the loan is computed based the present value of all the net cash flows of each loan.